Radiohead’s Daydreaming #RHVignette

August 6, 2016

We bring our dancing to the ocean’s depths. Past dances flow through us, not as memory, exactly, but like currents of time. Our relationship to each other and to the world around us shapes our movements and our expression. We glimpse who and where we really are. We find ourselves perfectly at home as miniscule specks in the great expanse.

Radiohead’s #RHVignette competition inspired us to work with a beautifully textured score, to reach new viewers, and to experiment in a more graphically creative way with the connections between dancing in the studio and underwater.

The competition offers a chance to be promoted by Radiohead on their website, and perhaps to make a video for a future song.  If you like our submission, please share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Below is the alternative, widescreen version:

The film features Kathleen Fisher and Chisa Hidaka, with cinematography by Benjamin Harley.  Produced and Directed by Chisa and Ben, it is set to an instrumental version of ‘Daydeaming’, from Radiohead’s new album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.  The film is dedicated to one of our most generous supporters, who is full of so much love she can embrace both Radiohead and Dolphin Dance Project with room to spare.  Special thanks to Jillian Rutledge, Yuki Kusachi, and Kayoko Sawamura for their tremendous contribution to the development of this work.



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