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Available Now: “Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins”

October 27, 2010

Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins,” (3 min, 33 sec) the debut film of the Dolphin Dance Project is available now.  Visit to download the movie or get it on DVD.

We are thrilled to share our very first film with you!

Every download supports the production of our next film…please download a copy and forward the link (tweet it, like it, buzz it, etc. too) to any of your friends who might enjoy this short, beautiful film of a tender relationship forged between a human and a wild dolphin, dancing together as equals.

On the “Together” page, you can also watch the trailer, edited and written by producer Benjamin Harley, translated into three languages (so far) thanks to our friends: Leina Sato (French), Marion Ramirez (Spanish), Chiho McBennett and Kiori Kawai (Japanese).  The trailers have been published to our channels on both Youtube and Vimeo.

Trailer looks best in high definition, click HD and fullscreen.

If you want to see, “Together” on the big screen, please join me and producer Loui Terrier at the Big Apple Film Festival in NYC or join producer Benjamin Harley at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival in Golden, CO on Saturday, November 6. Tickets are available at the festival websites.

There will be more screenings in the Spring of 2011 at the 25th annual Performance Mix and as a finalist in the Ocean Inspiration celebration of the 100th anniversary of Jacques Cousteau.  Please join our mailing list for regular updates about where to see “Together” and other video we produce.

On this celebratory occasion, I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to work on this special project, which has given me the chance to work with many wonderfully talented and dedicated people and make many new friends – both human and dolphin. I’m bursting with excitement about the next project already!

Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins” was shot over 5 days in January 2010 in the Pacific Ocean with wild Spinner Dolphins. Bryce Groark is our amazingly talented cinematographer, and additional footage was shot by Brett LeMaster and Loui Terrier. Brett is a champion freediver, holding the North American record for the deepest dive on one breath. He and Leina Sato, who run Mele Nai’a Dolphinsong as well as production coordinator Richard Osburn were instrumental in facilitating our wild dolphin encounters. Kimio Wheaton did the original location research that took us to those beautiful blue waters.

Following the shoot, it took many months to edit the moments caught on camera into a true expression of the spirit of the dance that actually happened when I was underwater with the dolphins.  Tremendous thanks is due to Loui for sitting at my side for many hours and the inspiration from “The Sea VIII”, a soulful composition by Ketil Bjornson and performed with David Darling (courtesy of ECM). My mentor, Marta Renzi looked at lots of ‘versions’ along the way, and helped greatly with her experienced critical comments. Ben has also provided valuable advice and direction from the very first days of the project.  He asserted himself in the post-editing stage to ensure that we produced the most beautiful, highest quality film we could; the radiant look of the final film is, in large part, thanks to his efforts. The hard working post-production team also included Gisburg (sound) and her assistant Felipe, as well as Justin Grazioli. Post-production was supported by a finishing fund award from Dance Films Association. And this doesn’t begin to mention all the friends from whom we asked advice, or depended on for moral support!

The DVD available through our website features “Together” in its full 3 min+ format as well as the version that will be screened at the Ocean Inspiration event. It also includes “Reverie” another take – more whimsical and fast paced – on the dance with Spinner Dolphins. “Reverie” was edited by Todd Sali with post-production at his solar powered Sandbox Productions. The original score for “Reverie” is by Jonathan Beaudette.  As a bonus track, the DVD also contains a PSA-style video I shot to encourage the protection of dolphins.

With the support of so many generous supporters, our first film demonstrates the beauty and value of documenting these extraordinary co-creations between humans and wild dolphins. Less than one year after the we initiated the Dolphin Dance Project, we are well on our way to producing the more extensive film and documentary that these dances deserve. Hooray! It is only a shame that the dolphins can’t watch (…although Ben is working on changing that!)

Thank you, dolphins! Thank you, everyone!

Please enjoy the film…and leave comments about it on this blog.  I look forward to any thoughts you might like to offer!

"Together: Dancing With Spinner Dolphins" Available Now