Diving into the New Year!

December 31, 2009

Diving into the New Year!

As 2009 draws to a close, I am buoyed by your love and support! In the last three weeks, 24 of you generously donated over $1100 to the Dolphin Dance project! My friend Mary Ann was our very first donor, another friend Kol was the most generous, and friends Andy, Christine and Jennifer sent near-simultaneous donations each of which would have gotten us over the $1000 goal on their own, but together allowed us to exceed it. Having exceeded our goal, we are now able to apply for funding through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Indeed we are ending the year having submitted our first two grants, both with end-of-December deadlines! Thank you again, my generous friends! Thanks to all of you who have ‘pitched in’. I hope you will stay tuned and enjoy the dolphin dance film that you are making possible!

Diving into 2010, I am incredibly excited! Tomorrow – New Year’s Day – is the beginning of a new phase for Dolphin Dance project. Producer Loui Terrier and I jet off to our first film location…production coordinator Rick Osburn will meet us there. We start filming with Bryce Groark on January 4th! Here we come, dolphin friends! We are ready to dive into 2010 with you!

Tonight on New Year’s eve, the ‘Blue Moon’ is full. Indeed the moment feels as rare and beautiful as a ‘Blue Moon’…I am full of excitement for the coming year and gratitude for all your love and support. I hope this is a ‘rare’ and ‘full’ moment for you, too.

Warmest wishes to you all for a Healthy and Happy New Year!


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