What a great first week…thank you to all!

December 19, 2009

Just one week since the Dolphin Dance project was announced to the world …and word is getting out! Our new website www.dolphin-dance.org has had 130 visits from 9 different countries including – would you believe? – Thailand and Kazakhstan. The Dolphin Dance Project FB page has over 60 fans; and on youtube, our clip of dolphins dancing has a 5 star rating with over 100 views and nice comments! Thank you for the support!

And please continue spread the word to anyone you know who cares about dolphins or underwater films or stretching the boundaries of dance and science!

Last week, we also sent out our first fund raising letter to friends…and the response has been heartwarming! We have raised almost $600…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are more than half way to our $1000 target…the amount we need to raise before we can start to apply for grants through our fiscal sponsor.

I know it’s a busy time of year…but I hope you will take advantage of our tax-exempt status to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of 2009.  Any amount is meaningful to us, even $10. We have gifts for every level of giving . . . and your contribution will be helping to demonstrate the beauty and intelligence of wild dolphins in their natural environment.

We have also been very busy with preparations for our upcoming expedition to capture video for our pilot film:

In addition to Lisa Denning, we’ve brought on board Bryce Groark of Living Ocean Productions. Check out his ‘Salt Water Reel’…the footage is stunning…no wonder that Bryce has worked for A&E and PBS…and even had work shown at the Smithsonian. We’ve also booked a boat with free-diving captains. And yes, we booked our plane tickets, too.

And I’ve met with Alexandra Horowitz, PhD who has just written ‘Inside of a Dog,’  about how dogs experience the world, from their point of view. (You may have heard her recent interview on NPR). She gave me lots of insight, from a scientist’s perspective, into human-animal interactions and play. She’s helping me get in touch with some dolphin researchers, too . . . stay tuned for more!!

And the dolphins? Well, they love the camera…and they are ready…they are waiting as they have for tens of thousands of years…beckoning us to learn their games and play and make underwater dances with them.

What a whirl of activity in just one week! I am almost dizzy…and so EXCITED! Thank you, everyone! In these beginning moments, I really appreciate every single dollar and every word of encouragement…every little drop of dolphin love!

By the way, this is our fund raising mascot , Robin.

Robin, our fundraising mascot

On my first trip with Dolphin Dream in 2004, Robin peered into my face many times until I finally snapped this picture…then, she lifted me on her back and gave me a ride! What an amazing connection!

Wishing you all a dolphin playful festive holiday season!!!


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